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Download Root Explorer Apk For Free (Updated)

Root Explorer APK is one of the finest file managers for Android users (rooted devices). I have often observed that when users root their Android devices, it’s always difficult to manage their files, apps, games etc. That’s the reason I have come up with Root Explorer APK so that you can manage everything easily on Android root device.  The latest version of Root Explorer APK is 4.0.2.

Before you move on to download root explorer apk, it is must that you know the features of the Root Explorer app and how to use it effectively to avoid problems. As your device is rooted, your phone may be at risk on trying new things which you didn’t do ever before. So to play safe, it is recommended to go through the features and how to use Root Explorer before you download latest APK version of it.  

Features of Root Explorer 4.0.2 APK

When you talk about the features of Root Explorer APK App, you just can’t compare it to other apps in the Google Play Store for sure! If you get a better app than this, I will give you a pro app for free  That’s enough for now, let’s move on to the features of Root Explorer APK latest version:

#1. The menu is simple and not complicated to be precise. All it has is a search button, bookmarks, new folder, preferences, about and EXIT app  Overall the design of the app is amazing and easy to use for a new Android root user.

#2. Root Explorer APK has multiple tabs options for Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Text Editor, create and extract zip files, remount and lots more so that you open as many tabs you want to. Just like your browsers 

  • #3. You can easily get the access of all the hidden data in your Android devices which are kept secret for security purposes. Some of the data are like app download details, game download details, purchase policies etc.

    #4. More interestingly, it supports SQLite Database viewer and this option is hardly available in any of the explorers I have used till date.

    #5. It’s easy to move multiple files via Bluetooth or email by selecting them all at once! The same goes when you  try to remount files 

    #6. The new version which is Root Explorer 4.0.2 APK now supports PHH Superuser and Magisk v6 and that’s going to be just like icing on the cake. Isn’t it?!

    #7. The Root Explorer App now works with Android Nougat 7.0 with the latest update in Root Explorer APK.

    So these are some of the finest features of Root Explorer APK which you are going to experience while using Root Explorer 4.0.2 version of the app. Before you download the APK of Root Explorer, your Android device must have these things installed.

    Responsive White Background, Red Text 

    #2. Firstly, go to settings, then head over to the security settings and scroll down to enable the unknown sources. This is because the APK isn’t available in the Play Store and you need to give access to those APKs downloaded from the unknown sources on your Android device.
    Minimum Requirements to Download Root Explorer APK

    1. The Android device must be running on 2.2 version to Android 7.0. This means that if you have an Android device, that’s more than enough to install Root Explorer app 
    2. Make sure that your device has a minimum free space of 10-50MB in internal storage before you go for Root Explorer APK download.
    3. Keep the battery fully charged because at times installing this APK file might drain your device battery. So play safe rather than risking your rooted Android mobile.

    This is what you need to take care before you download Root Explorer app from the below given links in the post! Now I think, you have got enough idea about the features and minimum requirements to install Root Explorer APK. So, finally, let’s move the download section where I will show you how to download this amazing file manager app on your rooted device. 

    Root Explorer APK Download

    To download the updated version of Root Explorer Android on your smartphone or tablet, you need to follow the below procedure:

    #1. Before you download Root Explorer APK, you need  to change few settings in your mobile phone.

    #3. Turn on the internet  & get Root Explorer APK from here!

    #4. Once the download process is done, you need to install it by tapping on the APK file in the download folder.

    #5. Now you can easily manage the files without any hassles on your rooted Android device. Have fun!

    But hang on, that’s not over yet! I have got something very special for you!  Yes, you heard that right!